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Just Can’t Wait to Get On The Road Again!

No road trip is complete without singing a little Willie! Every time we entered the car to go to the next location, I would sing the two famous lines of that song, and off we would go. “On the road again…” la la la *sways back and forth* We entered Zion and the area immediately turned into large red hills and pine trees, similar to Bryce Canyon. We googled how the bus system worked (there aren’t places for parking, so we had to park outside the park or at the visitor center and take a bus to one of nine stops.), filled up our water, then found a park ranger to question. Amber asked what Zion offered that the other national parks didn’t, and after looking a tad dumbfounded, he told her Angel’s Landing. We initially were going to do the water fall hike, but the ranger said there wouldn’t be much water fall at this time of year. So, I convinced Amber to start the Angel’s Landing hike, with the promise that we could turn around at any point. (ha!) Uff. Da. That hike was

On The Road Again

Last day of work was Friday (tears mixed with joy) and Saturday morning found me hopping aboard a flight to Phoenix. Can I give a shout out to Southwest? I love how airline employees are adding humor to their boring safety speeches. On this flight, I laughed multiple times at a flight attendant’s comments but what had me chuckling was when we landed in Phoenix. After touching down, the plane was still moving quickly across the tarmac. After a good 20 seconds of not slowing down, the captain (maybe a flight attendant) came over the intercom and goes, "whoooooooaaaaaaaa Nelllllllly", accent included. Hah So fun! Amber picked me up at the airport and we hit the road for Moab. Initially, we planned to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon first, ending with Moab, but decided to complete the long drive first (great foresight!). Driving to Moab, we saw signs for Four Corners, so of course we had to take the hour detour. Paid our $5 (cash only!), walked around for 20 min