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Cork Calls...

Well, Meghs, Kenra and I are in Cork, Ireland. Arrived in the evening and have yet to venture out so I can't really tell you much about it. It looks fabulous at night when you are walking around trying to find a hostel/B&B to stay. Alright...updates for you. Took the train from Dublin to Kilkenny (you know, Kilkenny - beer? Mmm Mmm ... actually, we didn't drink any)...and had a fabulous time. We had researched hostels in the area so went to the Info center and they gave us a map and pointed us in the correct direction. Checked in after waiting for 15 minutes out front, trying to figure out how to work our international phone card b/c they were not answering the door (still don't know!). We did a two hour walk along the River Nore, taking pictures got it...the old buildings. Kilkenny is known as the Medieval capital of Ireland so there were many beautiful places to see. Grocery shopped for dinner. Meghs and I bought food that needed an oven but wait, d

Hello from Dublin!

Wow! Where to begin...we had a blast in London. Stayed at Thomas's Aunties. He showed us ALL of London. Okay. Not really. That would take MONTHS. But we spent two days walking bridge, tower of london, the Globe, Tate Modern, fleet street, covent garden, leicster square, palace theater, buckingham palace, st james park, candem loch market, etc. Ooo...we went to the Phoenix Theater and watched Blood Brothers. Exceptional. Highly recommended. The actor who played Mickey was A-mazing. It was also Mel C (you know, spice girls?) West End debut. So I guess that was semi-neat to see her act/sing/dance. ha Thomas (love that kid!) rented a car for us and we drove to Oxford. Have you been? I could definitely live there for six months. The buildings! oh my, the buildings EVERYWHERE are impressive. I think it's because i'm used to there being space between buildings and here all the buildings touch so i'm intrigued by it all. Does that make sense? I dont know.