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This is Me

Growing up a Navy Brat, the travel bug found me early. You could even say that I learned the wanderer lifestyle in the cradle. Eleven different homes by the age of 131. Eight different schools between Kindergarten and 8th grade. Not to mention the road trips every summer when we visited family. Traveling from all four corners of the USA and driving towards North Dakota, Colorado, and Iowa, suffice it to say, I saw the majority of the USA from the backseat of our minivan. We also vacationed in Sapporo, Hawaii, Guam, and Mexico. We climbed Mt. Fuji (age 9!), explored the Grand Canyon (multiple times), and visited Disney World/Land.

Upon graduating from college (WH08P!), my wanderer bug found me aboard cruise ships, working as Event Staff.2 Keeping the bug alive, two ship friends and I decided to backpack Europe for 50 days.3 Such a blast!

After ships, I settled in Dallas, to be near friends and within 5 hours of family. I created a good life. My job allowed me to continue to travel and I took at least one big trip each year4 and tried to travel somewhere on a monthly basis.5 My friends and I ran 5K's6 and completed tri-sprints. I played recreational soccer and softball on a weekly basis and occasionally, if I felt like it, volleyball and kickball.

Life was grand. Yet, something was missing. So, I quit my job of 3 years, 10 months. A job I enjoyed. A job that provided excellent benefits. Yet a job that I felt no longer served my greatest self. I quit my job and hit the road, on the search for something that continues to remain just out of reach.

Which brings me to today and my quests: (1) to figure out where to travel next and (2) decide where to lay my head for the next week, month, year, or...possibly...yet

1Moves in life: San Diego, CA | Monterey, CA | Newport, RI | San Diego, CA | Ft. Leavenworth, KS | Charleston, SC | Mayport, FL | Yokosuka, Japan-off base | Yokosuka, Japan-on base | West Springfield, VA | Sugar Land, TX (age 13) | Galveston, TX | College Station, TX (dorms and 1 off campus apartment) | x3 Cruise Ships | Arlington, TX | Dallas, TX | Plano, TX | The Colony, TX | Carrollton, TX | Now: homeless

2Where I Cruised: Multiple cruises from Seattle to Alaska (summer) and then San Diego to Mexico (winter). The sameness was broken up by cruises from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego via the Panama Canal (14 day relocation cruises) and a 30 day cruise from San Diego to Hawaii to the French Polynesian Islands (crossed the equator via ship!).

3Countries Visited Backpacking Europe: England, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands

4Big Trips: Costa Rica, Mexico, San Francisco, New Orleans/Gulf Shores, Myrtle Beach, New York City, Disney World, Las Vegas

5Monthly Trips: Houston, Galveston, Austin, Shreveport, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Tuscaloosa

6Participated 5K Races: color, bad prom, tough mudder, bubbles, hot chocolate, hot air balloon, turkey trot, great urban, spartan, warrior dash, blacklight, St Patrick's Day.


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