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My Lightweight Pack

I’ve never bought and returned so many items in my life. Trying on clothes, trying to find those perfect sandals, the best dress. The most lightweight shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t make me itch.   Luckily, I had a lot of backpacking supplies from when we trekked down to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon and when I backpacked Europe in 2009. Oh! Forgot to mention that…we’re backpacking. It’s like a flashback to my 20’s. Why am I doing this again?  ;) The name of the game is Ounces. I need all supplies that enter my backpack to be as light as possible but of the best material so that it can withstand being worn often. The Camino Powers that Be recommend carrying only 10% of your body weight and since water weighs 2.2 pounds per liter, I’m not left with much room to carry clothes and supplies. Plus we have to account for all weather possibilities: hot, cold, rain, potentially snow. And cold weather gear takes up so much space/weight.  Truly, my main concern is the first two d

Hola from Spain!

Helllllllo World!  It’s been a long minute since I last posted. Guess what? I’m off on another adventure. Just hopped aboard a flight to Spain. Well, Philadelphia first, then Spain. That’s right. Spain. Arriving in Barcelona at 9AM, Wednesday, March 29. Amber is flying in from Dallas and arriving within 10 minutes of me. Wahoo. The excitement didn’t really hit me until I arrived at the airport. But now it’s full on heeeeere! The when, what, why of Spain: I would call this trip a “last minute” decision. Amber has been theoretically planning an El Camino trip for about 2 years. Never had the thought to join her. Firstly, because Spain has never been on my radar of places to travel (so strange, because it’s appears to be a beautiful country) and secondly, because who in his/her right mind chooses to walk 580 miles? Day after day after day after day of walking.  But I heard the call of the mountains. The mountains always pull me towards them. So, when Amber mentioned that she starts the