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Journey Across the Pond

Hello! Hello! Lucy Fran (Kendra), Gert (Meghan) and Kayrou (Stephanie) are flying to London freaking England. Yes, I know most of you have been there before, heck, most of you LIVE in the area, but for some of us (okay, all three) this is our first time to that part of the world/Europe and we are stoked. Can I use that word? Apparently, b/c I just did. What what. Here is our tentative itinerary: Oct 27 - Arriving in London Thomas Feakins (much love for putting up with us!) has planned our trip in the UK. His advice to Steph was to stop asking questions and for us three to pack rain gear. Ya know, it’s maddening, but the more we tell people about our trip, the more they tell us we picked the wrong time to go. It’s going to be raining and dismal and cold. Such pessimists! Heck – don’t they KNOW us? We are going to rock the rain! (possibly visiting with Gavin’s brother) Most likely we’ll make it to Ireland Oct 31 or Nov 1. Fiona and Gavin’s entire extended family have kindly off

And so a new Chapter begins...

24 October 2009 (Saturday) I’m sitting on the plane (San Diego to Dallas) thinking about my upcoming trip to Europe. I just finished my contract with HAL and am flying to Houston. I’ll arrive at 10pm. My flight leaves for London on Monday at noon. Oooo weee I don’t have much time to pack. Amber is kindly driving in from CS to pick me up at the airport. We will be staying at Diana’s this evening and then spending ALL Sunday shopping, shopping and more shopping. I am going to be spending a TON of money. I think I’m okay with that. Okay, I’m not, but I’m trying to come to terms with spending $$$$$ on this Roughing It Euro Trip. It’s going to be worth it, right? It’s only money. I can always earn more. When will I ever have another opportunity (aka TIME) such as this? My main want/desire/need from this trip is to figure out what to do in 2010. I don’t need to know for sure, for sure, but I want some direction, an idea or opportunity that leads to something. Ideas right now: Go back