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Hello from Dublin!

Wow! Where to begin...we had a blast in London. Stayed at Thomas's Aunties. He showed us ALL of London. Okay. Not really. That would take MONTHS. But we spent two days walking bridge, tower of london, the Globe, Tate Modern, fleet street, covent garden, leicster square, palace theater, buckingham palace, st james park, candem loch market, etc. Ooo...we went to the Phoenix Theater and watched Blood Brothers. Exceptional. Highly recommended. The actor who played Mickey was A-mazing. It was also Mel C (you know, spice girls?) West End debut. So I guess that was semi-neat to see her act/sing/dance. ha

Thomas (love that kid!) rented a car for us and we drove to Oxford. Have you been? I could definitely live there for six months. The buildings! oh my, the buildings EVERYWHERE are impressive. I think it's because i'm used to there being space between buildings and here all the buildings touch so i'm intrigued by it all. Does that make sense? I dont know. I'm kinda rambling b/c i only have 15 minutes left. Agh! And i have 4 more days to cover.

It really doesnt seem like we've only been here for 6 days. Stranger.

Anyways, all the hostels were booked in Oxford b/c it was Friday, Oct 30 so after a quick dinner in a park, we hopped back into the car and drove to Bath. Bath had some amazing old structures as well. Did the beer and burger for £5. Not bad. The next day, we toured the Roman Baths. All well and good but i wanted to actually experience the bath houses. Oh wells. Then we drove out to Stonehenge. Unfortunately it closed before we arrived BUT we were still able to take pictures and even if we were allowed in the gate, they rope it off so for the £6.50 we would have been 3 feet closer. Oh drats! haha But it was kewl to visit on Halloween. We then drove to Will's gma's place (will is a friend of Thomas). They cooked us dinner and invited us back for an english breakfast in the morning. It was delicious! We also played Buzz. Meghs and i lost but we beat Kendra and Thomas!

Drove to wales - beautiful country. Can i just mention here that we have experienced great weather. It only rains on us when we are driving and then only for a little while. Fortunate.

Went hiking the next morning up a Welsh mountain and then drove to Hollyhead to catch the ferry to Dublin. Slept most of the way.

Last night - we (meghan, will and I) had a true dublin irish experience. Hahah The five of us bar hopped but then K and T went back to the hostel around 10. Meghs, Will and i continued bar hopping. I was drinking Irish Cider, them guiness. After 8 Guiness, meghan proceeds to throw up all over the bar. hahah. Priceless. No quicker way to clear a bar. Her and will were miserable today. Me? Of course not! Walked around dublin this morning taking pictures. Did i mention it was SUNNNY! :)

Hostel experiences: wowza - okay, the first night, not bad, we were the only ones in a room of six. The next night, they moved us downstairs and we stayed with two employees in a room for 10. It was halloween and i still think the couple had a script and were reading it behind the curtain. This girl and guy come in, dressed goth, and he proceeds to yell at her and call her a F***ing cunt about 200 times. Re-dic. At one point i think he hit her, at another point i was scared he was strangling her to death and still at ANOTHER point he was sobbing like a little boy. was an interesting night. The hostel in Wales was magnificent! We were the only ones in the entire place (of course, i mean we are in Northern Wales, who backpacks to NORTHERN WALES!?) It was an awesome place though. Huge kitchen, living area, waterfall in the back. The hostel we are staying at right now in Ireland (Jacobs Inn) has the look and feel of private dorms. Its only 12 euros! Very nice.

Okay. i have 3 minutes so i'm going to cut this off. We are looking into renting bikes and riding it south. Will let you know whats up and when we are flying to Italy.

Mucho Love!


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