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Cliffs of Moher...enough said...haha

Wow - So much to catch you up on. First off, I am in Germany and the ys and zs are switched on the keyboard so please dont make fun of my typing if i mess up...

I know i am going to have trouble remembering the details because even though it was only 10 days ago, it feels like 6 months.

After hearing beautiful comments about the scenery, we took a bus from Cork to Galway and ended up booking a tour through the hostel where we were staying (for only 20 euro!).

We met the tour at 10am, hopped on the larger tour bus who had a wee man driving\commenting.

Okay...i simply do not know where to begin. This has been the best day of our entire trip. We drove through the Burren - essentially a limestone landscape, home to over 70 percent of Irelands native flora (according to the brochure). It was beautiful and made more so by the stories and history told by the Tour Guide (TG). Next memorable stop was at a FAIRY FORT! Yes! You read correctly, a fairy fort. A prehistoric ring fort or ancient farmers homestead now believed to be inhabited bz little men with orange beards and green hats (honest, the brochure said this, most likely to lure in tourists hoping to see little green men, but still). This place WAS magical though. He (Decklan, TG), told us a few stories about whz no one is allowed to build on these sites and the possible origins of the tale that the wee people live on these sites. He then jumped IN the circle and asked us to join him, but first we had to ask permission. Ahhh....i was captivated. I hestitated to enter and then once i did enter I kept expecting to see a little woman run around my legs. Alas, a little person i did not see but i still felt the magic of that fairy fort. I will go back one day, just sit inside one, talk and see if anyone responds (but NEVER at night!!).

AFter the fort, we went to a wedge tomb, a dolmen and the Kilfenora Cathedral. TG told us some about the ways of old, how when people died, their loved ones would leaved the bodies outside for the scavengers and then bury whatevers left..Hmm.

Okay. Now, if the fairy forts and castles and beautiful scenery wasnt enough we THEN went to the Cliffs of Moher. Wowza. I cannot describe to you the majestic beauty of these cliffs. Standing 214 meters high, 8km long, Irelands most spectacular coastline. We ran almost to the end of the cliffs. We had one more ...finger? go when we stopped. The sun was shining, beautiful clouds for 30 minutes, then clear, clear blue skies for the next 30. We took hundreds of photos. Fabulous! I wish we had more time here because i would have loved to just sit. Sit and watch the world pass me by. Ahh...bliss.

Ooo...we also passed Matchmakers Bar in Lisdoonvarna where a man literallz matches people. You can email him or do it in person. There is a festival every year for 1 or 2 months when thousands of people come to drink, dance, and be MARRIED. I love it!

And then if my day wasnt fabulous enough, Fiona then drove into town to visit with us. We just ate dinner and chatted until midnight when she drove home. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to see that girls face!


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