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Italia...mio amore

Walked to the bus stop for 20 minutes in the POURING rain, the first time we have been rained on....then rode the bus to Dublin for 3 hours, freeyzng, and all three having to pee...what a fun ride, let me tell you.

Rome....Italy...Colloseum...Thomas and Kendra doing their own thing...Roman Forum...Fontana di Trevi...Palayyo Montecitorro...TempleßAdrigano...Patheon...Vatican (met a youth pastor from MN, and a Priest from NJ)...Tombs of the Popes...Caste Sant Angelo...etc. etc. etc.

Lots of old buildings that i took pictures of and will most likely have no idea what they are when my parents ask. The one thing i cannot get over is how well built and detailed these buildings are and how LONG it must have taken. I mean, buildings todaz last two years before thez start falling apart. These have lasted centuries and are being destroyed bz air-noise pollution-modern days doing. Booo

Meghs and I went to an Irish Pub with Karaoke....i know...i know...but we werent ready to leave Ireland! Gotta love skater boy sung on a stage in a crowed bar full of English Speaking Roma Students.

Rome at night was my favorite. Its quite but still bustling with life. We felt safe walking around until we got about 2 blocks from our hostel, then we walked quickly...

Pompeii..LOVED IT! Sad history, i know, but it was wonderful to see how this city survived destruction. Meghs and I had a wonderful day by ourselves. Ohhh...extremelz sad but there are castes of some of the bodies...the little children, a pregnant mother ß it brought home the tragedy of the place, the terror the people must have experienced, knowing they wouldnt escape, couldnt escape. Horror.

Florence...Meghs birthday! Her favorite city, walked around taking photos, very beautiful place. Went to the Accademia to view Michaelangelos David. Impressive. So much more powerful in person than on postcards (and i do have to say that we have been seeing David EVERYWHERE...). I kept expecting him to turn his head, look at me, and walk off his stand - He looks so real.
*side notes - kendra fed us raw salami - no fun;

Pisa...had a blast taking all the photos in front of the statue. My favorite is when each of us looks like we are CLIMBING it...haha priceless.

Venice...didnt stay long here. I think we were all so exhausted that we didnt truly exert the energy to enjoy the place. However, we met a wonderful lady at the supermarket...she was from california and spent 30 minutes speaking to us, warning us about the various areas of Venice, helping us pick out a good, cheap wine, and genuinely being a wonderful human being. She met a nice italian, and now is married and has a 2 year old son. She warned us about these crayz Italians. Oh! We went into a cafe and these drunk, middle aged italians DOVE through the door and crabbed meghan and my legs, Kendra escaped to the corner. The shop keepers had to physicallz toss them out. our friendly californian told us that this example was a good one of when to call the police. mwhahahahhahahh
*highlight of our evening...spongebob special on tv in english, followed by Mr Bean and then brittney spears special. mwhahahahha


  1. Ahhh how I miss Rome! Just reading your little blurb on it makes me want to go back so bad! I miss you lady and I will see you in one month!!


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