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Solo Travelling Through November

A quick summary so years from now, I’ll know where I travelled! After leaving Vegas (and dropping mom at the airport), I drove solo throughout California, exploring the state of my birth, then visiting Arizona and Colorado before heading towards home. Every national park offered unique and majestic landscapes, animals, and people. I didn’t write much during this time for multiple reasons: (1) after driving, hiking, exploring, and more driving, at the end of the day, I wanted to enjoy the views around me or lose myself in someone else’s words; (2) I felt like I kept using the same words to describe my views: majestic, gorgeous, stunning, amazing, etc.. These parks are all different and my words wouldn’t do justice to the feelings of peace and awe they inspired; and (3) I was feeling extremely lazy. Travelling solo was surprisingly peaceful. No set time. No plans. I arrived when I arrived. When a view caught my interest, I stopped to sit and stare at the beauty that manifest